Hub Interface Unit


The HIU-3 is a local, micro-processor controlled sensor interface unit. It is small and light, designed to be mounted on the wheel hub, thus reducing the harnessing on the car. The unit can withstand the high radiated temperatures from the brakes whilst the car is stationary and the vibration from the wheels whilst the car is moving.

The data is transmitted to an appropriate control unit (such as the TAG-400 or MCU-300) over a two-wire CAN bus communication link.


  • Localised data acquisition.


  • Supply Voltage 12V to 16V DC (full operation), 7.5V to 11.99V (with some parameter inaccuracies)
  • Supply Voltage not to exceed 17V continuous (the unit is protected against transients and reverse polarity)
  • Current 150mA typical at 13.8V (including typical transducer loads)


  • Hard black anodised aluminium
  • Weight approximately 55g

Electro Magnetic Compatibility

  • Complies with the essential protection requirements of 2004/108/EC

Connection Definition

  • Integral, sealed, LEMO series F motorsport connectors
  • Connector 18-wayHES1F308XLDP
    Connectors 2 to 54-wayHEN.FF.304.SLNP
  • For pin numbers please consult our Technical Consultancy service


  • Splash resistant to standard motorsport fluids
  • Lids and screws sealed with silicone sealant, lid o-ring sealed
  • Maximum humidity 100%
  • Minimum operating temperature 0°C
  • Internal Temperature not to exceed 115°C as measured by internal diagnostic sensor. If necessary, cooling for the unit should be applied so the temperature remains within these limits
  • Storage Temperature -10°C to +125°C
  • Vibration 100 to 1000Hz, all axes, 24 hours
  • Vibration isolation is recommended

Connection Definition

Connector 1

  • Two Wheel Speed Sensor (DHE)
  • Time Synchronous Trigger Input
  • 0-5V Analogue input
  • CAN Bus

Connector 2

  • 0-5V Analogue input
  • PT1000 Temperature Input
  • Protected battery supply output

Connector 3

  • Load Cell Input (or two 0-5V analogue inputs)
  • Load Cell Output
  • 10V Reference supply

Connector 4

  • LVDT Secondary
  • LVDT Primary

Connector 5

  • LVDT Secondary
  • LVDT Primary

Sensor Inputs

  • Two LVDT sensor interfaces (12-bit)
  • Two 0-5V Analogue inputs (12-bit)
  • One differential amplified load cell interface (or two unity gain 0-5V analogue inputs)
  • Two DHE wheel speed input
  • One PT1000 temperature input (12-bit)


  • One protected car supply output rated at 30mA for Hub accelerometer
  • One 10V 10mA reference supply for load cell transducer


  • One CAN bus interface, 1Mbaud as standard
  • One time synchronous trigger input


  • Internal diagnostic supply voltage and temperature sensor
HIU-3 Mechanical Drawing
HIU-3O 030 110 008 002

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