Ignition/Injection Powerbox


The PB2006 is a combination of three units: an eight-stage ignition unit, an eight-stage single-ended injection unit and a switchmode converter providing a regulated DC rail at 14V from a three-phase permanent magnet alternator input.


  • Driving ignition coils and injectors in eight cylinder engines


  • Main Stabilised Output (IGP) Voltage 14V ±0.2V at 25A (30A max)
  • Permanent output (VEMSW) 10A max
  • Ignition supply (internal) maximum 14.3A
  • Injection supply (internal) maximum 15A
  • Emergency switch cuts all power


  • IGP enable and keep alive inputs
  • Three-phase alternator power input
  • Alternator output voltage absolute maximum 200V peak
  • Max 35A per phase
  • Two K-type thermocouple inputs for measuring alternator temperature
  • Eight TTL injector triggers (active high)
  • Eight ignition triggers (active low, internal 1k pull up to 5V)


  • Switchable 14V rail and permanent 14V rail. Total current = 36A max
  • 21 individual, short circuit protected, 12V sensor supplies
  • One short-circuit protected 10V supply
  • Seven individual, short circuit protected 5V supplies
  • ±12V rails at 1A for torque sensors
  • Four high Side Drivers (2x5A, 2x3A)
  • Eight-channel TSZ ignition (operating from 14V)
  • Eight-channel injection (operating from 14V)
  • Total 14V current (internal and external supplies) 57A (64A pk)


  • CAN link with the ECU (1Mbps)

Electro Magnetic Compatibility

  • Complies with the essential protection requirements of 2004/108/EEC


  • Current sensor measures total 14V supply current (including injector and ignition)
  • Temperature sensors on main, ignition and injection boards
  • Diagnostic scope outputs of selected signals
  • Selected internal diagnostic measurements and flags available via CAN

Connection definition

  • Integral, sealed, military standard connectors
  • Alternator connector22 wayAS0-12-35PN-9920
    Chassis connector79 wayAS0 20-35SN-9920
    Injector connector19 wayHEN.2F.319.XLNP
    Ignition Connector10 wayHEP.2F.310.XLNP
    Battery Connector4 wayEHS.2F.304.XLY
  • For pin numbers please contact our technical consultancy department


  • Hard black anodised aluminium
  • Weight 1420g


  • Splash resistant to standard motorsport fluids
  • Lids and screws sealed with silicone rubber
  • Internal temperature not to exceed 70°C as measured by internal diagnostic sensors – care should be taken to prevent overheating if absolute maximum power demand (900W) is sustained for a long period.
  • Forced cooling required over fins and side walls
  • Storage Temperature -25°C to +85°C
  • Vibration 100 to 1000Hz, all axes, 24 hours
PB2006 Mechanical Drawing
Powerbox with Injection and Ignition O 030 650 029 001

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