Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier

The strain gauge bridge amplifier converts the millivolt output of a strain gauge sensor, such as a pressure sensor, to an output in the range of 1 to 6V. It also provides a stabilised supply voltage for sensor excitation. Various amplifier gains are available to suit particular sensors and other gain values can be supplied on request. The amplifier is available as a fully screened and encapsulated unit or as a circuit board for OEM installations.


  • Amplification of strain gauge sensor signals.


  • Gain and offset are shown in the order details. Other values of gain are available and any offset between 0 and 5V can be supplied
  • Gain tolerance ±0.5%
  • Offset tolerance ±3% (differential input voltage=0)
  • Nominal full scale output 6V
  • Supply voltage 8.5 to 16V DC
  • Supply current 5.5mA max. (excluding load current)
  • Load current 10mA max
  • Excitation voltage for sensor 5±0.0025V
  • Excitation current 10mA max
  • Output impedance 50ohm
  • Input impedance 10Mohm nominal

Cable and Connection Definition

  • Input cable (where fitted) 24 AWG screened
  • Output cable (where fitted) 22 AWG un-screened
  • Cable length (where fitted) is shown on the order details but any length is available on request
  • Various automotive and military standard connectors are available
  • Input Connection:
  • Blue WirePin APin 1Ground
    Green WirePin BPin 2Sensor Signal -
    White WirePin CPin 3Sensor Signal +
    Red WirePin DPin 4Excitation Supply
    ScreenPin EPin 5Screen
  • Output Connection:
  • Red WirePin APin 1Supply
    Green WirePin BPin 2Output Signal
    White WirePin CPin 3Ground

Mechanical (Encapsulated Unit)

  • Weight less than 90g including cable
  • Aluminium body in elastomer sheath
  • Elastomer boot for strain relief to the interface body

Design and manufacture is in-house, so if our existing designs do not suit your application, we can provide cost effective customised parts to suit even the most demanding application. No engineering charges are made for simple modifications such as customer specific connectors, cable protection and cable lengths. Please contact our technical consultancy service who will be pleased to help.


  • Resistant to standard motorsport fluids (encapsulated unit)
  • Maximum humidity 100% (encapsulated unit)
  • Operating temperature -10 to 85°C
  • DR25 jacketed cable (encapsulated unit)
  • Vibration 50 to 2500Hz @ 40g 8hrs per axis

EMI/RFI Suppression (Encapsulated unit)

  • The circuit is housed in an aluminium shell. The shell and the input cable screen are terminated to the output ground. Each wire has a 22nF in-line suppression filter.
Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier Mechanical Drawing 1
GainOffsetDim "X"Dim "Y"Ordercode
8761V500mm500mmO 030 200 005 000
5001V500mm500mmO 030 200 005 001
4001V500mm500mmO 030 200 005 003

Other Gain and Offset values are available

Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier Mechanical Drawing 2
4001VO 030 200 005 004
2002.5VO 030 200 005 005

Other Gain and Offset values are available


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