Temperature Sensor

16 x 4 Infra-Red Array

The infrared sensor measures temperature at a distance without contacting the target. The integrated infrared module senses the thermal radiation emitted by objects on a 16 x 4 array of sensing points, for measuring the temperature distribution across a surface. These 64 measurement pixels are transmitted via CAN to the host controller or data logging device. The sensor is available in both 35° and 60° field of view options to suit a variety of installations. A software package is provided for viewing live temperature data from the array.


  • Supply voltage 8V to 16V
  • Supply current 150mA (max) @ 12V
  • Response time after power up 50ms typ, 1s max
  • Target temperature range 0 to +300°C
  • Unit outputs over CAN: 16 temperature points, 1 ambient temperature, 1 unit power supply diagnostic

CAN Output

  • ISO011898 1Mbit/s CAN communications link for configuration and data transmission
  • Configurable IR temperature resolution:
    • 14-bit – Transmits 17 messages per frame
    • 9-bit – Transmits 12 messages per frame
  • Ambient temperature resolution: 12bit
  • Unit supply diagnostic: 8bit
  • CAN sampling rate configured by host ECU up to 20Hz
  • CAN message identifiers configured by host ECU allowing multiple module sharing a common bus (a fixed CAN identifier will be required for configuration messages)
  • The CAN bus link must be terminated using a 120Ω resistor. No internal CAN termination as standard
  • The unit can be supplied with internal termination if required

Cable and Connection Definition

  • 26AWG cable
  • 1000mm cable length
  • Definition:
    • Red wireSupply
      Black wireGround
      Blue wireCAN +
      White wireCAN -
  • Bespoke cable lengths and connector terminations available on request


Four central pixels:

  • Ta = 20 to 50°C, To = 50 to 160°C
  • Typical error 1.5°C

Remaining pixels:

  • Ta = 20 to 50°C, To = 50 to 160°C
  • Typical error 2.0°C
  • Where:
    Ta = Ambient temperature
    To = Target object Temperature

Temperature Sensor - 16x4 Infra-Red Array Accuracy

1 Four central pixels
Ta = 0 to 50°C
±1.0 ± 0.03*|To-Ta| °C
Ta = 50 to 85°C:
±2.5 ± 0.03*|To-Ta| °C

Remaining pixels

Ta = 0 to 50°C

±2.0 ± 0.045*|To-Ta| °C

Ta = 50 to 85°C

±4.0 ± 0.045*|To-Ta| °C


  • Weight less than 35g
  • DR25 jacketed cable
  • Aluminium alloy board hard anodised and dyed black
  • Polyester cable boss for strain relief to housing
  • Field of view 35° or 60°


  • Resistant to oil, standard fuel, hydraulic fluid and water. Aggressive cleaning agents should not be used, for example freon or trichloroethylene. Alcohol/pure ethanol and a cotton swab can be used for cleaning the lens. Note the sensor reading will change if the lens becomes scratched or dirty
  • Maximum humidity 100%
  • Operating temperature -25 to +85°C
  • Storage temperature -40° to 120°C
  • Vibration 500 to 2000Hz, 20g Peak acceleration, 5mins in all
  • Shock 1000g peak acceleration, 0.7ms pulse length, 6 directions
Temperature Sensor - 16x4 Infra-Red Array Mechanical Drawing
Cable LengthFOVOrdercode
1000mm35°O 030 300 035 000
Temperature Sensor - 16x4 Infra-Red Array Mechanical Drawing
Cable LengthFOVOrdercode
1000mm60°O 030 300 035 001


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