Temperature Sensor


Temperature sensors have a well-defined relationship between electrical resistance and temperature, allowing them to measure temperature precisely. The sensor body is made of a thermally conductive material and is as small as possible to produce a rugged device which gives an accurate measurement of temperature with a fast response.

This sensor is small enough to install in traditional thermocouple locations, but has the advantage of straightforward Pt1000 interfacing.


Temperature measurement.


  • Sensing element Pt1000, surface mount
  • Nominal resistance 1000ohm @ 0°C
  • Accuracy:
    • ±0.4K typ, ±1.0K max (0 to +100°C)
    • ±1.0K typ, ±1.5K max (+100 to +150°C)
    • ±1.5K typ, ±2.0K max (+150 to +200°C) 1
  • Response time 4sec typ, 10sec max in still air

1 Characterised to 150°C

Cable and Connection Definition

  • 28AWG un-screened cable
  • Cable length is shown on the order details but any length is available on request
  • Various automotive and military standard connectors are available
  • Connection:
  • White wireSignal +
    Black wireSignal -


  • Aluminium alloy body, hard anodised and dyed black
  • Weight less than 15g (including cable)
  • Internal joints made with high melting-point solder

Design and manufacture is in-house, so if our existing designs do not suit your application, we can provide cost effective customised parts to suit even the most demanding application. No engineering charges are made for simple modifications such as customer specific connectors, cable protection and cable lengths. Please contact our technical consultancy service who will be pleased to help.


  • Resistant to standard motorsport fluids
  • Maximum humidity 100%
  • Vibration 50 to 2500Hz @ 40g 8hrs per axis
  • Operating temperature -25 to +200°C 1
  • DR25 jacketed cable (150°C)

1 Characterised to 150°C

Surface Temperature Sensor Mechanical Drawing
ElementCable LengthOrdercode
Pt10001000mmO 030 300 021 081

Application Note

Temperature Sensors

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Temperature Sensors


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