Tyre Pressure Receiver

Formula One SECU version

The tyre pressure receiver unit is for use with MESL high baud rate tyre pressure sensors. The sensors transmit pressure, temperatures, battery voltage, serial number and life count data over an RF link to an antenna on the car. Signals from the antenna are passed to the tyre pressure receiver unit where they are decoded and sent to the ECU via CAN to be further processed and scaled.

This variant is for use with the FIA single ECU. The calibration data for the sensors will be stored in the ECU allowing the package of the receiver to be greatly reduced.


  • Tyre pressure measurement in conjunction with the Microsoft-MES Formula One SECU.


  • Supply voltage 8 to 16Vdc
  • Supply current 35mA max @12V
  • CAN bus 2.0B active, 1Mbps

RF Specification

  • Modulation FM (FSK) encoded serial data
  • Nominal frequency 433.920 MHz
  • Nominal baud rate 64kbps
  • Transmission range 15m typical


  • Weight less than 60g (excluding antenna)
  • Aluminium alloy housing, hard anodised and dyed black


  • Resistant to standard motorsport fluids
  • Operating temperature +10 to +85°C
  • Maximum humidity 100%
  • Vibration random spectrum for two hours in connector axis

Connection Definition

  • Connector ASL2-06-05PN-HE
  • Pin 1Supply
    Pin 2Ground
    Pin 3CAN +
    Pin 4CAN -
    Pin 5N/C
  • Antenna connector SMA socket
  • CaseRF ground
    CentreRF in
Tyre Pressure Receiver Mechanical Drawing
Cable LengthOrdercode
Tyre Pressure Receiver (High Baud rate) F1 VersionO 030 330 046 067

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Pressure Sensors

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Pressure Sensors


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