Data Systems

To complement the telemetry data, McLaren Applied Technologies has developed a suite of software data analysis tools to allow real time data view, manipulation, analysis and storage. The principle real time data viewer is ATLAS: Advanced Telemetry & Linked Acquisition System.

ATLAS in use at the track


At the core of the ATLAS software product is SQL Race; an application program interface (API) of Microsoft SQL Server 2008. This provides the building blocks to store and manage large volumes of track, simulation and set-up data in a variety of formats. ATLAS is a software package which is used to obtain, display and analyse data from control systems such as those used within motorsport and automotive applications. ATLAS is used by the professional data analyst working with data acquired by telemetry or uploaded from a data logger. ATLAS is appropriate for an individual data analyst or for many engineers all monitoring telemetry together.

  • Highly customizable, workbook containing pages and displays
  • Graphical Timeline for easy navigation through data
  • View, analyse and compare live telemetry data with uploaded logged data
  • Checks for automated monitoring of engine and chassis
  • Fast data handling to deal in real-time with the large quantities of data.

ATLAS waveform control